New Years Resolution

Now that a couple weeks have passed in the new year, I imagine many people who have made new years resolutions have now either broken them or have rationalized an excuse to not live up to them.  I know this is a very negative thing to say but having been one who made resolutions for many years only to break them I think makes me qualified to make that statement.

So this year I decided to do things a little different.  Many may say this is simply a play on semantics but I have decided to take a look at the past year and try to identify some things that happened over the year that I would have liked to go differently.  As I identify these things, I then try to understand why it went the way it did.  Then, with this knowledge, I hope to be able to have a different outcome should I be faced with this situation again.

I think this process is different from a resolution because I am not making some change simply for the sake off change.  In fact I could identify something I wish had ended differently and after going through this process realize there was nothing I could do differently or that the outcome might have been the best thing for me in the long term and therefore should not change anything!

My goal in doing this is fundamentally the same though.  I want to improve myself.  But I think the process gives me knowledge that will lead to more quality improvement and more enjoyment any change that might occur.

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We are meant for relationships. I know I have heard that over end over, but it is really hitting me today. I am coming off a great weekend with Amy, maybe that is why… Or maybe God is calling me closer to Him… I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter.

If you think about why we long for relationships so much and then look at our creator, it makes sense that we would have this fundamental longing to be with others. I have to think that before the world was created, God must have gotten a little lonely. I believe it is through this that he decided to create man, and the earth. So He could have a relationship with us.

Then you look at our struggles with relationships and all the heartbreak, stress, and just bad mojo we get from them. I don’t think God intended for this to happen but thanks to Adam and Eve, we get to suffer these feelings.

So how do we mini ice the feelings? Drawing closer to God won’t get rid of them. When we do this we end up pushing away some people in our lives that we might actually love. Also when we do this satan attacks and he knows about this desire so it is one of his favorite places to hit us.

I am not sure I know the answer other than there is nothing we can do, except fight it and work toward better relationships with everyone and extend grace to those we love when they do things that might hurt us and our relationship with them and God.

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VP Debate

Tonight, I hate to say, was fairly amusing. On one side of the screen you had a “kid” trying to keep his composure, spin his facts, and do his best to get the message of his party out. On the other side of the screen you had a grown man acting like my kids do. He said the other party should take responsability for themselves. Really?

I think tonight was a perfect example of where our political process has gone. There are no “truth’s” being given. Facts are not facts. They spins on theories that are spun again so it becomes impossible to know what is actually true.

I have made up my mind where my vote is going. I just wish that I could turn off all the political garbage since my mind is made up.

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10-6-2012 Site Update

After thinking about the website for a few days and taking into consideration the activity on our site, I have decided to publish a much more consolidated site.  In the days of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.  It just does not make sense for me to put a bunch of time into a new site.

So the new site will be much more condensed.  But maybe better.  I have had the itching to write so maybe through the new site I can actually satisfy this itch through blogging.   Only time will tell if this will actually happen.

So enjoy.  It won’t take much of your time to see the new place.  Not much here and I think I like it that way.


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New and Improved Site!

After several years, I thought it was time to give the site a new look.

I will be updating more of the pages over the next several days (weeks?).

But for now, here it is and keep checking back!


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